ICE301 bimetal bushing is backed with high quality low carbon steel with tin-lead-bronze alloy(CuSn10Pb10)sintered

on its surface. To effectively decrease abrasion, its alloy surface can be machined with ball shaped oil sockets for easier oil storage. When necessary, it could be plated copper or tin on the steel back. It can be applied to conditions of mediate load with mediate or high running belocity and conditions with enormous impact load. In mechanical applications, ICE301 is used to make wrapped bushes, thrust washer and bushes on connecting rod level of gas engine.




Typical application

Application:con-rod of automobile engines, engineering and agriculture machinery, heavy duty construction machinery etc.

Max dynamic Load P140
Max line speed VGreaes lubrication2.5
Max PV value2.8
Friction coef u0.05~0.15
Max line speed VOil lubrication5
Max PV value10
Friction coef u0.04~0.12
Max Working temperatureGreaes lubrication150
Oil lubrication250

Mating Axis

HRC Hardness≥53
Ra Roughness0.32~0.63
HB Alloy layer hardness60~90
W/mk Thermal conductivity47
Coefficient of linear expansion18×10-6/K

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