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ICE BEARING, located in Jiaxing city, the center of Shanghai, Hangzhou and Suzhou, enjoying very convenient transportation. We are dedicated to the research and manufacture of all kinds of sliding bearings. We are approved by the third party concerning the quality certificate. Up to now, we have developed a total often categories of products, including composite self-lubricating bushing, boundary lubricating bushing, bimetal bushings, oil sintered bearing, solid lubricating bushing with graphite, alloy steel bushing, casting copper bushing, wrapped bronze bushing, spherical plain bearing and filament wound bearing. The quality and performance have met or exceed international standards. We have complete in-house research and development, production, testing and marketing capabilities.

Our company has been based on the international market, with stable and high quality products, as well as professional and perfect service level, maintained a long-term and stable cooperation relations with customers from the Europe, the Americas, Asia and other countries and regions, enjoying a good reputation. By means of our own quality and diversified business, our company has formed a good support in the production, information management risk aversion, and also reserves favorable resources for the future development of the enterprise.

Company keeps "quality products, perfect service, to meet the needs of the market" as the eternal pursuit, considers the employees with high sense of responsibility, innovation, profession, and team spirit as the best wealth. We persist in the interests of customers, adhere to the principle of honesty and trustworthiness, equality and respect, and establish sincere cooperation partnership with customers. We take mutual development to achieve a win-win situation as the company's core values.

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